Massey GC2400

Son’s Tractor

Weight 1450lbs Gross Engine HP 22.5 PTO HP 18.7 Fuel Tank capy 6.6 Purchased From: Charles Oliver and Sons Canaseraga, NY

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These Are Some of Our Tools

Our wives and girlfriends call these our toys. For obvious reasons, we call them tools. Labor multipliers if you will. These are the devices that let us make better use of our “honey do” list time objectives. Yes, we do enjoy them! But really? Toys?

My, and My Son’s Trucks

My hauler truck - A 2006 Ford F350 with 5.4L, recycled from Home Depot’s rental fleet. Had 42K miles when I got it. It has been a perfect fit in every way except it is only 4x2, and it’s not a not diesel. A real gas hog, so it only rolls when it has to! No fear tossing stuff in this truck. Some Home Depot customer somewhere already put the first ding on it. It pulls our 10k dump trailer loaded, very comfortably. If pulling steep hills, it is screaming, but I never worry about carbon build up! Son’s truck - 2015 Dodge ECO diesel pickup A super “half” ton truck. He is getting 21 -27 mpg around town and on the road. Tow capacity is just a bit shy of letting him load our dump trailer fully. This truck is “that 1/2 ton diesel” Dodge you have been hearing about. No shakes, rattles or rolls when towing with this truck. Exactly what a pickup should be! Makes my low torque F350 V8 seem like a four cylinder! He made his purchase at Maple City Dodge Jeep Chrysler in Hornell NY . They are a great dealership! If the ECO diesel had been available, I would have one. Power, ride and fuel economy are excellent. Dodge had some emmision problems with the ECO diesel (not like the out right fraud of VW!) they have to address. My truck - 2017 GMC Canyon Crew cab with a 2.8L Duramax diesel I love this truck. MPG! Fuel mileage is the tops in the field right now. I can pull 7550Lbs if needed. Ride is extremely comfortable and very quiet. The baby Duramax was a big surprise. It absolutely moves this truck and tow loads with power and handling. It feels incredibly solid and stable. This eats my old F350 alive. It may be time to retire the old girl! At 18,000 miles the overall mileage on the Canyon is 28.5mpg. Canyon Back Story We turned in our VW Jetta TDI diesel to Fort Myers VW while we were at our home in Florida. I wanted a Dodge ECO diesel similar to my Son’s ride. They were unavailable at the time (some emmisions issues, not the VW fraud type issues) So, we visited all the Fort Myers area GM dealers just before our VW turn in date. Gave them what we wanted and when we would purchase (a week) and never heard back from any of the local dealers. We took the VW to Florida so when our turn in date came we would have it with us. We rented a car ($$$) and wanted to do a deal within the first week after the VW turn in. The VW buy back would be a “very nice” down payment. Fort Myers dealers did not respond (business must be good) so I did a net search. We found what has turned out to be a fantastic dealership. We bought our Canyon from Kelley Buick GMC in Bartow Florida. Our salesman is Manny Rodriguez. Made our contact virtually overnight. Drove up to Bartow on a Sunday to look at the Canyon diesels in stock, and picked out our truck. Emailed Manny, told him our choice and he took the ball and ran with it. Very glad we found him. This is a saleman we will follow to whatever dealership he works for. He is “just that good”! So that is how we ended up with our Canyon.
The Tools ...our wives call toys!

Massey GC2610 TLB

My Tractor

Weight 2670lbs Gross Engine HP 25 PTO HP 19.6 Fuel Tank capy 6.6 Purchased From: Charles Oliver and Sons Canaseraga, NY
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