My Son’s Dodge ECO Diesel Pulling a Chicken

Coop for My Daughter’s Family

We picked our dump trailer up from in Pennsyvania. Found them on the web. We realised they are not far from Cabellas so not just a great trailer center, but just a little side trip from TSS to Cabellas to boot! Our rep was Dave. We highly reccomend him. Our contact for the sale and pick up was a pleasure. Dave made the transaction a real joy! Now for BriMar. This trailer hauls nice. We have had it up to the high end of full at least 100 times now and it never felt sloppy or awkward while towing. Almost four tons and it does it with solid performance. Are we happy with this trailer? Yep. Very happy. On the way home we noticed the trailer was thumping. With the history of my Son’s F150, we thought it was that. Hooked it to my truck and it still had a bumpy feel. Took it to our Firestone dealer to balance the tires. Told me you don’t usually balance trailer tires. Gave it a go anyways and Firestone determined it not only had a tire 19 ounces out of balance, it had a slighly bent wheel. Called BriMar directly and it was taken care of right away. That’s service. We do have one complaint. We expected the paint in the bed to get chipped because that is the nature of the inside. What we didn’t expect was the way it is bubbling underneath the paint on the outside. That can only mean one thing. Since the paint is intact still, it had to be corroding already when it was painted. That bad QC is not acceptable. Because we are in New York state, we don’t run our trailers in the winter. NY state is addicted to salt for the roads in the winter. Bad for vehicles! If we used this trailer in the winter it would be in bad shape by now. Powder coated paint job? Not impressed.
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