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These Are Our Tools

The wives call these our toys. For obvious reasons, we call them tools. Labor multipliers if you will. These are the devices that let us make better use of our “honey do” list time objectives. Yes, we do enjoy them! But really? Toys?

Dad and Son Trucks

My truck - A 2006 Ford F350 with 5.4L, recycled from Home Depot’s rental fleet. Had 42K miles when I got it. It has been a perfect fit in every way except it is only 4x2, and it’s not a not diesel. Real gas hog, it only rolls when it has to! No fear tossing stuff in this truck. Some Home Depot customer somewhere already put the first ding on it. Son’s truck - 2015 Dodge ECO diesel pickup. A super “half” ton truck. He is getting 21 -27 mpg around town and on the road. Tow capacity is just a bit shy of letting him load our dump trailer fully. This truck is “that 1/2 ton diesel” Dodge you have been hearing about. No shakes, rattles or rolls when towing with this truck. Exactly what a pickup should be! Makes my low torque F350 V8 seem like a four cylinder! The Dodge ECO Diesel replaces his 2011 Ford F150 EcoBoost. His Ford F150 EcoBoost had many issues a new truck shouldn’t have. Worst of which was it shook when towing even small (empty dump trailer - 2000 lbs) loads. Fuel mileage never came close to the Ford claim. After many return trips to the dealer (Simmons- Rockwell, Hornell, NY), dealing with Ford reps, he threw in the towel and got rid of it.

Massey GC2610 TLB

My Tractor

Weight 2670lbs Gross Engine HP 25 PTO HP 19.6 Fuel Tank capy 6.6 Purchased From: Charles Oliver and Sons Canaseraga, NY
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Massey GC2400

Son’s Tractor

Weight 1450lbs Gross Engine HP 22.5 PTO HP 18.7 Fuel Tank capy 6.6 Purchased From: Charles Oliver and Sons Canaseraga, NY
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